Playlist – 594 – 10 dicembre 2011

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Deathstars: The greatest hits on earth (Nuclear Blast)
Essenza: Devil’s breath (Bigmud Records)
Mecca: Undeniable (Frontiers Records)
Morton: Come read the words forbidden (AFM Records)
Nightwish: Imaginaerum (Nuclear Blast)
Royal Hunt: Show me how to live (Frontiers Records)
Strangeways: Age of reason (Dangerous Dog Records)
The Fuzztones: Raw heat (Go Down Records)
The Volcano Heat: Vive le rock! (Go Down Records)
Tony Longheu: Lo-Fi project 0.3 Ambient/Noises (Nota)
The Danse Society: Slow fire (from “Change of skin”/Society Records)
The Venus In Furs: Bitter-sweet (from “Velvet Goldmine O.S.T.”/London)
Faz Waltz: Love limousine (from “Life on the moon”/Rocketman Records)
Placebo: 20th century boy (from “Covers”/Virgin/EMI Music)
Digital Factor: Links Rechts Links/I have to hit you (from “Trialog”/Black Rain Records)
Skinny Puppy: Vyrisus (from “hanDover”/SPV/Synthetic Symphony)
Dope Stars Inc.: Cracking the power (from “Ultrawired”/Self-released)
Tony Longheu: Twilight on Venice (from “Lo-Fi project 0.3 ambient/noises”/Nota)
Morton: Eaglemark (from “Come read the words forbidden”/AFM Records)
Essenza: Edge of collapsed world (from “Devil’s breath”/Bigmud Records)
Edguy: Robin Hood (from “Age of the Joker”/Nuclear Blast)
Strangeways: Alive again (from “Age of reason”/Dangerous Dog Records)
Royal Hunt: An empty shell (from “Show me how to live”/Frontiers Rec.)
Mecca: I know (from “Undeniable”/Frontiers Records)
Sick Rose: Little sister (from “Shaking Street/The double shot EP/Area Pirata)
The Fuzztones: Hurt on hold (from “Raw heat”/Go Down Records)
The Volcano Heat: Shake your head (from “Vive le rock!”/Go Down Rec.)
Nightwish: Last ride of the day (from “Imaginaerum”/Nuclear Blast)
Ravenscry: Calliope (from “One way out”/Wormholdeath/Dreamcell11)
Deathstars: Metal (from “The gratest hits on earth”/Nuclear Blast)
Superhorrorfuck: Needle in your eye (from “Reborn in sleaze: a tribute to Dave Lepard”/Street Symphonies Records)



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