Playlist – 592 – 26 novembre 2011

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Absynth Aura: Unbreakable (Logic(Il)logic)
Crysalys:The awakening of Gaia (Wormholedeath/Dreamcell11)
Dorothi Vulgar Questions: Against myself (DVQ Productions/Sunplay)
Fergie Frederiksen: Happiness is the road (Frontiers Records)
One Without: Sweet relief (Wormholedeath/Dreamcell11)
Nightwish: Storytime *CDS* (Nuclear Blast Records)
Ravenscry: One way out (Wormholedeath/Dreamcell11)
Sebastian Bach: Kicking and screaming (Frontiers Records)
Skinny Puppy: hanDover (Synthetyc Symphony/SPV)
VV.AA.: Reborn in sleaze: a tribute to Dave Lepard (Street Symphonies)
Wrathchild: Stakkattakktwo (Perris Records)
Japan: Gentlemen take polaroids (from “Gentlemen take polaroids”/Virgin Records)
Visage: Moon over Moscow (from “Visage”/PolyGram Records/One Way Records)
Bluvertigo: Always crashing in the same car (from “Zero”/Sony Music/Columbia/Noys)
Duran Duran: Planet earth (from “Decade”/EMI Records)
Cineteca Meccanica: Manifesto (from “Deviazioni”/Danze Moderne/Fonoarte)
Symbiosi: Profumo di morte (from “Un unico nucleo di dolore”/Self-released)
Skinny Puppy: Ashas (from “hanDover”/Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Dorothi Vulgar Questions: Winter light (from “Against me”/DVQ Productions/Sunplay)
One Without: Burned once again (from “Sweet relief”/Dreamcell11/Wormholedeath)
Crysalys: Time for vultures (from “The awakening of Gaia”/Dreamcell11/Wormholedeath)
Issa: Two hearts (from “The storm”/Frontiers Records)
Seven Dark Eyes: Damned love (from “All around me (crash & Burn Records)
Nightwish: Storytime (from “Storytime”/Nuclear Blast Records)
Absynth Aura: The fire in my eyes (from “Ubreakable”/Logic(Il)logic)
Ravenscry: A starless night (from “One way out”/Dreamcell11/Wormholedeath)
Wrathchild: All about u (from “Stakkattakktwo”/Perris Records)
Skull Daze: Queen obscene/69 shots (from “Reborn in sleaze: a tribute to Dave Lepard”/Street Symphonies Records)
Fergie Frederiksen: The one (from “Happiness is the road”/Frontiers R.)
Sebastian Bach: Tunnel vision (from “Kicking and screaming”/Frontiers)
Yes: We can fly (radio edit) (from “We can fly”/Frontiers Records)



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